Additional Services & Pricing                                                                  

Blowing out your computer with compressed air at least once a year will keep the machine running cooler, which could save hundreds on replacement part.  So many computer owners experience premature hardware failure because of excessive heat.  You change your oil in your car to extend its life, don't forget your computers.

Utilizing state of the art scanning engines we can identify and eradicate the most stubborn viruses, malware , ad-ware & root kits. Don't pay for virus protection when so many services like Microsoft Security Essentials are available for free.

Registry errors are a common cause of degrade performance, error messages and unexpected crashes. Significant reduction in boot times can be achieved by identifying           invalid or missing references. 

Advanced analyzers automatically free up wasted RAM and allow your system to run quicker, efficiently and with greater stability.

Comprehensive analyses of your system identifying individual components within the system.  A test load is then placed on components to detect failures and determine endurance and reliability.


Overtime your hard drive loses efficiency with excessive deleting of files, which cause fragmentation of the drive. This fragmentation cause the read-write heads on the drive to work harder than necessary and performance is affected.  Scheduled de-fragmentation of your drive can also extend the life of the drive.

Accurately identifying outdated or buggy device drivers and updating on a regular basis can absolutely increase performance and reduce unexpected errors and crashes.

Eliminating temporary files, disable unneeded add-ons, increase connection limit, and many other techniques can speed your Internet connection dramatically.